Bunker Elementary

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!  We're looking forward to a great year of learning with our outstanding students!

Mission Statement

We at Bunker School will provide an environment of safety and acceptance, embracing family involvement while promoting academic excellence in order to prepare our students to meet future challenges.

Important Links

Here are key links for students and parents as we go through this time of distance learning:

Public Notice--Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases

Click here for information about Bunker Elementary's confirmed and/or probable COVID-19 cases, as well as any reported cases in Muskegon Public Schools.

In accordance with the district's plan, the following actions will take place for each positive case:

  • The individual(s) in question will be quarantined from work/school until released to return by a healthcare professional.
  • MPS will work closely with the Health Department to conduct contact tracing.  Those individuals who are determined to have been in close contact with the COVID-19 positive individual(s) will be personally contacted by someone from the Health Department or MPS with additional guidance.

Additional information about the district's plan and protocols is available in the COVID-19 response plan documents located on the district's COVID-19 Information page.  Access that page by clicking here.

Bunker News

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Bunker's Upcoming Events

  • 18 Oct
    • Cooperative Challenge - Everyone Participates
      Date: Oct 18 - Oct 22
      Calendar: Bunker Calendar
      Raising hands, answering questions, completion of weekly lessons, participates in sub-groups (random reporter).
  • 22 Oct
  • 25 Oct
    • Cooperative Challenge - Active Listening
      Date: Oct 25 - Oct 29
      Calendar: Bunker Calendar
      Get rid of distractions, eyes on the speaker, hands and body still, voice level is zero
  • 29 Oct
  • 1 Nov
    • Cooperative Challenge - Stop & Stay Cool
      Date: Nov 1 - Nov 5
      Calendar: Bunker Calendar
      help kids identify when they may be losing control and regulate their breathing to help calm down, give yourself a chilly hug, gain control

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Okeelah McBride

Assistant Principal
Kori Hansen

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Ms. Thorpe's Appointment Calendar


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