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The Muskegon Public Schools talent management team is committed to the recruitment, development, and retention of our employees to ensure success for all students.  To best support our employees, we explore innovative human resource methods to improve our programs, processes, and procedures.

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The Teacher COVID-19 Grant program was created by Public Act 166 of 2020 to recognize the additional time classroom teachers in a district or nonprofit nonpublic school spent outside of normal working hours and additional costs classroom teachers have incurred or experienced to provide a continuity of learning during the period of school closure in 2019-2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was funded under Article 5, Section 949p for grants to eligible K-12 classroom teachers.  

The School Support COVID-19 Grant program was created by Public Act 166 of 2020 for grants to eligible K-12 school support staff to recognize the additional time spent outside of normal working hours, hazardous conditions, and additional costs school support staff have incurred or experienced to provide services to students during the period of school closure in 2019-2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note if you work for a nonprofit nonpublic school you are not eligible for this grant. The program was funded under Article 5, Section 949q for grants to eligible K-12 school support staff.

Current and former MPS employees that we believe may be eligible for the COVID-19 Grant have been notified via email.  If you did not receive an email from Sheila Brown and you believe you may be qualified for this grant, please email Ms. Brown ( the rationale for your qualification.

Qualified individuals must certify meeting the eligibility requirements on Form 5734, Teacher and School Support Staff COVID-19 Grants Certification and return to Amanda Steele at 1458 5th Street, Muskegon, MI 49441 or no later than December 4, 2020. 

Please visit the dedicated website for detailed information about the grant program.  


  1. Eligible recipients must return  Form 5743 to Amanda Steele by  December 4, 2020.     

  2. Districts are then required to compile the list of eligible recipients and electronically submit the list by December 16, 2020 using the electronic submission system and form provided by the Michigan Department of Treasury.  

  3. Treasury will then send checks directly to eligible recipients around February 25, 2021.

Other important tips:

  1. The form has a couple of statements you will have to certify to confirm eligibility.  You must ensure you meet the requirements.   You must ensure you meet the requirements.  The grant is for time worked last year during the shutdown.  If you didn't begin working at MPS until this school year (20-21), you are not eligible.  If you worked at another school during the shutdown (19-20), you may be eligible through that school.

  2. Once the forms are sent out, it will be critical for staff to adhere to the deadline set for the returned forms.  Failure to complete the form in its entirety (including checking all required boxes/certification statements) requires that we omit your information from the submission to Treasury for grant payment.

  3. The grant may be prorated based on the FTE reported to MDE per the EOY REP submission.

Appeals Process:

Submit an appeal in writing if questioning your eligibility or FTE designation to Sheila Brown at