MPS Big Red Education Fund

The Big Red Ed Fund Enables Projects that Positively and Directly Impact MPS Students

The Big Red Education Fund awards grants to MPS teachers, principals and staff to support "extras" to enhance our K-12 students' educational experience. This is only possible through the generous donations from alumni and community supporters and neighbors.

Be a Part of the Fund that Enables Enhanced Student Experiences

CLICK HERE to donate online to the Big Red Ed Fund, or mail a check payable to CFFMC and indicate "MPS Big Red Education Fund" on the memo line to:  

MPS Big Red Education Fund
Community Foundation for Muskegon Community
425 West Western Avenue
Muskegon, MI  49440



Big Red Ed Fund Grant Awardees

Big Red Ed Fund Grants have resulted in all MPS 3rd graders attending swim and water safety by the YMCA at the MHS pool, a hygiene pantry, student of the month celebrations, and support for student out-of-state travel, including our MHS Close Up visiting Washington DC this year, to name a few of the many grant recipients. 

Big Red Ed Fund Structure and History

The Big Red Ed Fund money is held at the Community Foundation for Muskegon County. Annually, the application for Big Red Ed Fund grants is open to MPS staff at the beginning of the school year. The Big Red Ed Fund Committee considers these applications and grants awards based on available funds, amounting about $30,000 per year.

Since 1989, the Big Red Ed Fund has distributed $359,000 in grants that have had a positive, direct impact on MPS students. 

"Being awarded funds from the Big Red Ed Fund not only allows teachers to build stronger relationships with students in their seminar classes but also sparks a culture of collaboration and critical thinking."
- Lindsey Crockford, Assistant Principal, Muskegon High School

Big Red Ed Fund Committee Members

Walter D. Christopersen
Matthew Cortez
Julie Goericke
Tim Hoffman
Dr. Jennifer Hammond
Brenda Kota
Gail Kurdziel
Paul Kurdziel
LaKisha Loudermill
G. Lynette Marks
James Olsen
Ted Olsen
Emma Peterson
Velma Phillips
Steve Schiller
Kathleen Schottke
Mary Scott