Homeless Student Assistance Program

The educational success of children and youth experiencing homelessness depends on enrollment, attendance, and academic achievement.  Muskegon Public Schools works to remove barriers to educational success and provide a stable environment for students while their parents/guardians search for permanent housing. 

Congress passed the McKinney-Vento Act to ensure educational rights for children and youth experiencing homelessness. See the basic rights list below:

Services Available:

  • Immediate enrollment in district of residence or district of origin
  • Enrollment without required documentation (birth certificate, proof of residence, immunization records)
  • Transportation provided to school of origin when in the best interest of the child or youth
  • Provision of school supplies
  • Access to Title I services, including free lunch and tutoring
  • Assistance disputing school decisions if necessary

Please contact Nicole D’Arcy, McKinney-Vento Grant Coordinator for Muskegon Public Schools if you would like to learn more, 231-720-2079.