Ford Next Generation Learning

Muskegon Public Schools District is partnering with Ford Next Generation Learning to prepare every Big Red Graduate for college, careers, lifelong learning and leadership. This system will be founded upon community prosperity for all, strengthening the talent pipeline, establishing educational equity and justice, while instilling a capacity to contribute to a brighter future.


"With the Ford Next Generation Learning System, every one of our students will have the tools they need and a plan for what they will be doing the Monday after they graduate high school." - Matt Cortez, MPS Superintendent

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What is Ford Next Generation Learning (NGL) Framework?

Ford NGL is nationally recognized for its unique approach to learning that better prepares high school students for career success in the 21st century.  Ford NGL is a community-connected transformation model for students. Learn more at


Road map

MPS Roadmap to NGL Implementation

HERE is the full NGL Roadmap. Please note that we started this 3-5 year process in November, 2023. 

  • Muskegon Public Schools has completed Phase 1. HERE is the report.  
  • We are currently in Phase 2 and completed our first Envision Day with community members, partners, staff and students on February 29. HERE is the summary from that session.  
  • The next Ford NGL Onsite Visit is scheduled in April. After this visit, MPS will have completed Phase 2. 
"Our Big Red Envisioning Day took place on Thursday and it was remarkable. The students were outstanding and brought a level of understanding for the entire group that has never been revealed. The outcomes and the positivity from every partner represented at every table was praised through the feedback survey. These diverse groups, including community leaders, parents, students, educators, and staff, collectively contributed to defining essential skills and competencies for post-graduation success. Your presence and commitment are crucial elements in shaping the learning trajectory at Muskegon Public Schools, and we look forward to continued collaboration. Thank you for your invaluable contributions." - Matt Cortez, MPS superintendent, on the effectiveness of Envision Day

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