Annual Education Reports

We are pleased to share our Annual Education Reports with you.  The reports include a variety of information, statistics, and program highlights. Our district enjoys a long history of support from students, parents, alumni, staff, and community members. Founded in 1860, the district continues a tradition of service while looking toward the future to find ever more effective means of preparing our students and supporting families.

Of special note and pride is the diversity of our student population. As we complete the 160th year of service to our schools, it is clear that our students will grow up in a community far more diverse than in the past. Our children will live the majority of their lives as part of a world community of different nations, cultures, peoples, and lifestyles. There will be mixes of people in neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, and schools. Students in Muskegon Public Schools have a great opportunity to learn, interact, and grow with students from many backgrounds. They have a chance to learn the true meaning of the American Dream: that there is strength and excellence in diversity and that all can contribute to the well-being of our communities. We are committed to ensuring our students excel academically, become productive individuals, and contribute to our society.

We hope that you will read and reflect on the information included in these reports and feel free to contact us with your comments and questions.

With Big Red Pride,

Bill O'Brien
President, Board of Education