Educational Technology Services District

Educational Technology Services

The mission of our department is to provide the best and most secure content to our end users which are our students, teachers, parents, and staff members.  Our department strives to help our students and teachers by putting the correct tools in their hands and at the same time help them understand the best use for those tools. We are about teaching and learning.

Educational Technology Services Staff

Jerry Johnson, Director of Technology

Jean Botting, Pupil Accounting & Data Specialist


De’Antae Davis, Network Systems Manager

Bruce Elliott, Tech Support Level 2

Linda Hansard, Tech Support Level 1


In order for us to provide the best experiences for our students and staff, please use our HELP Desk found below and submit a ticket. Your ticket will be placed in a Que and will be responded to as soon as possible. You can also call 720-2063 to try to reach a member of our team.  Our team members are often in buildings so if you don’t get an answer, please leave a voicemail.

Support link for technology services

Current and Past Projects

Both the Muskegon High and Muskegon Middle School received new classroom projectors during the summer of 2016. The same projectors have been installed during the holiday break at Moon School.  The new projectors do not have a bulb to burn out thus saving the district money which also saves teachers and students more time on task!  The department will look to replace the remainder of the district’s projectors in every building during the summer of 2017.

In addition, Moon School will be fully 1:1 with Chromebooks after the holiday break which means that students will each be assigned their own Chromebook.  These Chromebooks will stay at school every day.  Marquette School will be getting an additional 150 Chromebooks during the month of January to help reduce the number of devices students are sharing.  This will also help our students/teachers be more “tech ready” for testing this Spring. Oakview School also is getting an influx of devices.  With the help of our staff at Oakview, we will be developing a new mini-lab with 20 additional Chromebase devices.  These wifi enabled devices look very similar to a desktop computer.