A Statement from Superintendent Mr. Justin M. Jennings


Today at the statue of Charles H. Hackley on the Muskegon High School campus, graffiti with slurring racial comments was found painted on the statue. Upon the discovery of this disturbing image Muskegon staff alerted the authorities and then began work to immediately remove the graffiti. This type of racial discrimination and vandalism is prohibited in school district policy and will not be tolerated.

There are policies and procedures in place to deal with anyone in violation of school district policy or the law. We will keep our community, employees and the media updated as we learn more about this destructive incident. We believe in working to create a learning environment that provides the best for every child, every day. We do not tolerate “hate speech” or any behavior that threatens the well-being of our children.

We will be working with our staff and counselors to provide support for our students to provide comfort and to create a teaching moment to remind them that this type of behavior is neither welcome nor tolerated in our schools or our community. We will be holding a town-hall meeting in the near future to discuss this situation and to provide a forum to have a dialogue with the community.

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I am excited to serve as Superintendent of Schools at Muskegon Public Schools as I recognize the rich history and tradition and I believe the growth possibilities are endless.   My experience in the district thus far has shown me that the staff are genuinely concerned about educating our dynamic students and we have great community support for the work that lies ahead of us.

Some information about our new Superintendent:

Mr. Jennings earned his Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) Degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana and 3 Masters (M.A.) Degrees in Educational Leadership, Special Education Administration, and Special Education with an emphasis in Emotional Impairments from Grand Valley State University; in addition he received an Educational Specialist Degree in Leadership from Grand Valley State University in December 2013.  He is currently completing his dissertation for a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership at University of Michigan.

He has served as an administrator in Grand Rapids Public Schools for five years as an Assistant Principal at Grand Rapids Creston High School and Union High, and two years as Head Principal at Union High School.   He served as Head Principal of Holland High School and New Tech High at Holland High School in Holland, Michigan an 8th– 12th grade building of 1650 students.  From 2013-2015 he served as the Executive Principal of Ypsilanti Community Schools (Willow Run Community Schools and Ypsilanti Public School Consolidation). Mr. Jennings most recently served in the role of Special Education Director and Assistant Superintendent before taking over for Jon Felske as the Superintendent of Muskegon Public Schools.

Mr. Jennings also served as President of Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP).  He also served on the Michigan Principal Fellowship & Coaches Institute Principals Advisory Council.  He is a member of Purdue University’s President’s Council.  

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