Social Studies

Michigan Studies 

  • History: Students study the history of Michigan, from American Indian times to the growth of the auto industry.  Teachers will focus on topics including the French and British presence in our state, statehood, migration to our state, as well as our lumbering, mining, and manufacturing history.
  • Geography: What is a state?  Students will answer this and other questions related to Michigan’s geography.  We study the natural and human characteristics of our state, as well as the vast natural resources of Michigan.
  • Economics: Students will examine goods produced in Michigan and will gain an understanding of scarcity, choice and opportunity cost in our state.  As we learn, we will compare Michigan’s economy of the past with its economy today.
  • Civics/Government: Grade 3 focuses on the government of Michigan, centered in Lansing.  They will learn about representative government, voting/elections, and our state constitution.  Students will get their first introduction to the three branches represented in Michigan’s state government, which will be an important concept in social studies of later grades as well.

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