Social Studies

Projected Based Learning Units 

  • History: Students study the history of their local community (Muskegon), focusing on changes from the past compared to today.  They will learn about people or groups who have made contributions to Muskegon and will gather data from community residents and resources about the past.
  • Geography: Students learn the geography of the Muskegon area by constructing maps, touring the community and comparing human and physical characteristics of our community.  We examine the role bodies of water play in the Muskegon area and ways we can interact with our environment in positive ways.
  • Economics: Students gain a basic understanding of a market economy by visiting local businesses and learning how they operate (Ryke’s Bakery, McDonald’s Candies, etc.).  They learn about the natural, human, and capital resources needed to produce goods or provide a service. Students then use their learning to start their own small, school-based business.  They will create a product to sell as well as a business plan to promote this product. Proceeds are donated to a local non-profit organization.
  • Civics/Government: Students focus on the purpose of government, especially local government, and the difference between government and private action.  We will learn about services provided by local governments as well as how the lives of people are affected by government. To conclude the year, students will create a proposal for an elected official (school board or city council member) addressing a change they would like to see in our community.

Learning Tools

Additional Resources