Structure and Properties of Matter

  • Sort Objects via Observable Properties
  • Properties of Matter
  • Intro to States of Matter
  • Observing Properties in Nature
  • Engineering From Nature
  • Intro to Matter being Made of Small Particles

Changing Earth: Today and Over Time

  • Major Surface Features, Landforms, Bodies of Water
  • Water on Earth as a Solid and Liquid
  • Weathering and Water Erosion
  • Slow and Rapid Changes to the Shape of Land
  • Intro to Plate Tectonics

Plant and Animal Relationships

  • Observing Habitats
  • Plant and Animal Interactions
  • Where do Plants and Animals Live
  • Field Study (investigate the diverse population and plants and animals in an area)
  • Plant Growing Needs
  • Plant/Animal interactions
  • Different Ways Seeds are Dispersed
  • Bees/Pollination

Learning Tools

Additional Resources