Physical Science (Motion: Pushes and Pulls)
  • Position Observations
  • Motion Observations
  • Push & Pull Forces
  • Collisions (cause change in direction and speed)
  • Explain Motion
  • Gravity
  • Causes of a Change in Motion
Earth Science (Weather and Climate)
  • Weather Observations
  • Collecting Weather Data
  • Temperature
  • Sun/Shade
  • Wind
  • Cloud Observations (cloudy, partly cloudy, dark, white, etc.)
  • Measuring Rain
  • Snowflakes, Hail, and Sleet
  • Seasons
Life Science (Plants and Animals)
  • Living vs. Nonliving
  • What Living Things Need
  • Plant/Animal Habitats
  • Worm/Pill Bug Observations and Investigations
  • Plant Seeds
  • Plants and Animals Cause Change
  • Human Impact on Habitat

Learning Tools

         MPS elementary current science curriculum

         Video about the critters in the kindergarten classroom

Additional Resources