Social Studies

U.S. Studies 

  • History: Students study the history of Michigan from statehood as they learn the skills and tools historians use to study history.
  • Geography: What is a nation?  Students study the geography of the United States by examining its physical and human characteristics and by learning about US Regions.  Students will also learn the purposes of various types of maps and how they help us understand different aspects of our nation.
  • Economics: Students continue learning from the previous year on market economies and how they function.  They will focus on specialization and division of labor in the production of goods and how competition plays a role in the US economy.
  • Civics/Government: Students begin learning about our federal government.  They will focus on aspects of a representative government, the powers of government, branches of government, and checks and balances.  Students will do a special focus on the Bill of Rights and how these amendments limit the power of government in our daily lives.

Learning Tools

Additional Resources