Office of Technology Services

1458 5th Street
Muskegon, MI 49441

The mission of our department is to provide the best and most secure content to our end users which are our students, teachers, parents/guardians, and staff members.  Our department strives to help our students and teachers by putting the correct tools in their hands and at the same time help them understand the best use for those tools.  We are about teaching and learning.

Office of Technology Staff

De'Antae Davis, Network Systems Manager
Bruce Elliott, Level 2 Tech Support
Lee Sherman, Installation Specialist

Maria Pashak, Level 1 Tech Support (Bunker Elementary)
Sandy Bennett, Level 1 Tech Support (Marquette Elementary)
Montinique Rone, Level 1 Tech Support (Oakview Elementary)
 Crowley - Picard,  Level 1 Tech Support (Muskegon Middle School)
Bridgette Collins, Level 1 Tech Support (Muskegon High School)

Chromebooks at MPS

The purchase of new Chromebooks for Muskegon High School was approved at the June 2018 Board of Education meeting and will allow us to move to a 1:1 Chromebook environment. Each MHS student will be provided his/her own Chromebook which they can take home each day. The expectation is that students will bring the devices with them each day, charged and ready to go. The Chromebook should be seen as another classroom tool, just as calculators, pencils, books, and paper have been viewed in the past. Each student is responsible for the well-being of the device and must meet certain expectations. Parents/guardians will be required to sign an agreement. As part of the agreement, parents will not be charged an “insurance” fee as happens in many other districts across the country. However, there will be fees for broken, damaged, lost and stolen devices. The Chromebook Acceptable Use Agreement must be signed by both student and parent/guardian before the device is provided.

In addition, a Chromebook case will be provided to protect the device. Students are responsible for this as well. Students are strongly encouraged to transport the Chromebook in a backpack between classes and back and forth from home each day. We will have a monitoring and filtering system in place when the devices are off-campus just like we have when the devices are being used in the halls and classrooms at MHS. This is a student learning tool, not a method of entertainment. This is our district’s expectation. The device is being provided to help students succeed.

Muskegon Middle School is 1:1  however the Chromebooks will not go home.

Many Chromebooks are also new this year at the elementary level. Each classroom has a set of Chromebooks which stays with the students all day. 

Technology Help Desk

In order for us to provide the best experiences for our students and staff, please use our HELP Desk found below and submit a ticket. Your ticket will be placed in a queue and will be responded to as soon as possible. You can also call 720-2063 to try to reach a member of our team.  Our team members are often in buildings so if you don’t get an answer, please leave a voicemail.

Technology Policies & Guidelines

Muskegon Public Schools Student Chromebook User Agreement (must be signed by both parent/guardian and student before student is allowed to pick up Chromebook)

Muskegon Public Schools Staff Chromebook User Agreement