A Statement from Superintendent Mr. Justin M. Jennings


Today at the statue of Charles H. Hackley on the Muskegon High School campus, graffiti with slurring racial comments was found painted on the statue. Upon the discovery of this disturbing image Muskegon staff alerted the authorities and then began work to immediately remove the graffiti. This type of racial discrimination and vandalism is prohibited in school district policy and will not be tolerated.

There are policies and procedures in place to deal with anyone in violation of school district policy or the law. We will keep our community, employees and the media updated as we learn more about this destructive incident. We believe in working to create a learning environment that provides the best for every child, every day. We do not tolerate “hate speech” or any behavior that threatens the well-being of our children.

We will be working with our staff and counselors to provide support for our students to provide comfort and to create a teaching moment to remind them that this type of behavior is neither welcome nor tolerated in our schools or our community. We will be holding a town-hall meeting in the near future to discuss this situation and to provide a forum to have a dialogue with the community.

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Office of Volunteer Services District

Office of Volunteer Services

MPS MVP Volunteers
Volunteers Wanted!!! Share your gifts, time and talents


Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community.

Community Volunteers who partner in our schools enhance educational programming and strengthen relationships with all who seek the best for our students. Parents/guardians, grandparents, alumni, churches, businesses/business owners, or interested community members can share time, knowledge and abilities with students through the Muskegon Volunteer Program (MVP).

To become a Big Red MVP:

  • Complete the State of Michigan ICHAT Criminal Background History Check form, and wavier available at any district building, at the Office of Volunteer Services (Hackley Administration Building, Office 103), or download a copy from this website (see below) and return the form to the Office of Volunteer Services for processing.
  • Once the applicant clears the background history check, they complete the MVP Application, (see, below) online application; or this application is available in the Office of Volunteer Services, Office 103 at the Hackley Administration building.
  • Upon acceptance and orientation completion an assignment to a MPS District building and/or program will be made.

MPS Criminal History Consent Form and Sex Offenders Registry Consent Form Click this link, print the form, complete and sign the form, submit to District Volunteer Coordinator, T. Kay Pittman at the Hackley Administration Building, Office 103.

Muskegon Volunteer Program (MVP) Application Click this link for the online application.

MPS Accident/Incident Wavier: I’m sorry the form is not available on line at this time.

If you need additional information, please contact T. Kay Pittman at (231) 720-2039 or via email, tpittman@mpsk12.net

Photo of Kay Pittman

Kay Pittman, Volunteer Coordinator/Foster Care Liaison