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The 2018-2019 Calendar of Events

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The Nancy K. and Sherman R. Poppen Program District

The Nancy K. and Sherman R. Poppen Program

An arts based scholarship opportunity benefiting low income students of Muskegon Public Schools, providing support for private and class lessons in any of the fine and performing arts. Two different applications exist under this program.

Claire Root Benson, Executive Director
Hackley Administration Building #101

Office Hours:
Tuesdays 9am-1pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays 9am-5pm

The Nancy K. Poppen Program

Nancy Poppen, a graduate of Muskegon Public Schools, was an artist who wanted all children to be able to explore the fine arts. She established her fund in the Community Foundation for Muskegon County in 1993, with an endowment that has grown to over $2 million with donations from her husband Sherman, family and friends. Under general direction of a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, arts specialists and school staff members, the fund supports an average of 75 students each year with private and class study, books and supplies, summer arts workshops, arts and portfolio camps. For some, the Poppen Programs provide valuable exposure to the arts through a brief experience. For others, what begins with artistic lessons will become a lifelong focus, carrying them through years of skill building, learning and performance, and ultimately, for some, a career.

The Sherman R. Poppen Scholarship Fund

In 2000, Sherman R. and Louise Poppen enhanced the Nancy K. Poppen Program by establishing the Sherman R. Poppen Scholarship Fund to assist graduating Nancy K. Poppen participants. Mr. Poppen established the fund after talking with students who were struggling to afford college because of a lack of arts related scholarships.  The fund assists students majoring in fine or performing arts studies at accredited colleges, universities or traditional arts schools.
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