MPS Parent/Guardian and Community Survey - School Based Health Services

March 19th, 2019

As some of you may know, Hackley Community Care (HCC) has several School Based Health Sites within MPS district: Muskegon Teen Health Center at Muskegon High School, School Wellness Programs at Marquette and Muskegon Middle and a Behavior Health Only site at Nelson. HCC and Muskegon Public Schools are looking at the possibility of expanding mental services into additional sites. Studies have shown that children who are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally have better academic success.

If your child is currently in need of medical, dental or behavior health services, please feel free to contact the Muskegon Teen Health Center at 231.733.6680.

Your input is important in helping us determine needs of the students as well as future direction of HCC programming and services. All responses to the survey are anonymous and will be kept confidential.



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