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Mission Statement

Muskegon Public Schools is a unique and dynamic family of institutions. We are dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive educational, social, and cultural opportunities that will enable a diverse citizenry of all ages, interests, and abilities to lead productive, enriched lives. Through a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, we are committed to developing individuals who can thrive and positively contribute to a more just and democratic society.

Our History

Muskegon Public Schools has a rich and colorful tradition, beginning in the 1840s.  The history of Muskegon and its school system can be found here.

Muskegon Public Schools Education Fund

The Muskegon Public Schools Education Endowment Fund provides for special and extraordinary educational programming for the students of the Muskegon Public Schools.   The earnings on the interest from the Fund are used annually for several grants for Muskegon Public Schools’ teachers whose applications show creativity and innovation resulting in enhanced student learning.  Applications for grants are competitive and must be for projects and programs beyond the scope of what the district is able to support with other funds.  The uses of the fund are determined by its Board of Directors.

Over $57,188 has been awarded in grants to district teachers for use with students since the Fund began in 1993!

The success of the Muskegon Public Schools Educational Fund depends on the contributions of alumni, retirees, current staff, friends, and community members.  Your support provides extraordinary educational experiences for Muskegon Public Schools’ students in the core subject areas, the visual and performing arts, technology, the sciences, the humanities, and other areas that contribute to well-rounded students.

Contributions to the Fund may be made online, by mail, by becoming a member of the Big Red Ed Fund, or through legacy giving.

To donate to the Fund online, you may safely donate to the MPS Education Fund through the Community Foundation.