Community Alert Response Generated - Soft Lockdown

April 24, 2019

Dear Nelson and Muskegon High School Parents and Guardians,

Today, at approximately 12:00 pm, the Nelson Elementary and High School main offices received a phone call from our neighborhood police officer (Officer Clark).  Officer Clark indicated that some members of the neighborhood had reported hearing gunshots in the area. While there were no confirmations of gunshots or guns in the area, Officer Clark recommended that we go into a “Soft Lockdown.”  A Soft Lockdown is an emergency procedure used at school whenever there may be an outside risk to our staff or scholars. During a Soft Lockdown, we have all staff and scholars stay in the building, we limit movement within our halls, and we prevent people from coming in or out of the building.  After about 30 minutes, Community Officer Clark called back and confirmed that everything was safe, and that we could go back to our normal routines and procedures. I want you all to know that we practice lockdowns (both “Soft” and “Hard”) along with fire and tornado drills several times each year and our students did a great job during today’s lockdown.  If you have any questions about today’s incident, or any other questions about our emergency procedures, please feel free to contact our Superintendent at 231-720-2004. Thank you for your continued support as we work to keep your scholars safe each and every day here at Muskegon Public Schools.


Dr. Brian Gamm and Dr. Arthur Garner
Nelson Elementary
Muskegon High School

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Curriculum & Instruction


The Muskegon Public Schools prides itself on providing our students with up-to-date curriculum and educational experiences which align to State Standards and the Common Core Curriculum. With the onset of the District’s technology bond, students and staff will have increased access to the use of technology, enhanced curriculum based technology standards, and more innovative curriculum offerings. Additionally, staff members will continue to be trained on the use of student testing data from National, State and local assessments to meet the needs of all students. With an emphasis on curriculum development, technology infusion and continued use of student assessment data, our staff will be prepared to create learning environments that are the best for every Muskegon Public School child, every day.

General questions or information requests regarding instruction at Muskegon Public Schools may be directed to Dr. Jennifer Hammond, Director of Academic Services, at (231) 720-2083.

Professional Development

The major emphasis of these professional development activities has been the integration of subject matter (primarily using reading and writing in science and social studies), an emphasis in mathematics and science on concept development through the use of hands-on activities, effective early literacy training, school improvement, blended learning, and MTSS and CHAMPS.