Tech and Security Renewal

In 2014, Muskegon County voters approved a one-mill increase to support school safety and technology. This millage provides local school districts with the funds to improve their facilities. Districts have the flexibility to decide how to allocate the funds to best meet their individual needs. Some have installed security cameras, others have hired School Resource Officers, and others have modernized their classroom technology and improved building security. Details for how each district has spent these funds can be found in annual accountability reports on each district's website. 

“As voters consider renewing this millage, I’d encourage them to read the accountability reports and see exactly how districts used these funds to upgrade security and technology,” said Matt Cortez, Superintendent for Muskegon Public Schools.

“The partnerships between schools and local law enforcement have increased because of this millage,” said Michael Poulin, Muskegon County Sheriff. 

By law, an Intermediate School District is the only entity able to request or renew a county-wide millage on behalf of local school districts and must distribute the money to the school districts based on student enrollment. For answers to frequently asked questions please visit:

For more information about the renewal, click the link below.

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